Hornbill Unleashed: Kuching Isthmus

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Introduction of The Isthmus

The Isthmus

Satellite view
Located at the bank of the majestic River Sarawak, Kuching is the capital of the Land of the Hornbills. Behind those historic building and the infamous mystical Mount Santubong, Kuching had grew bigger and bigger like never before. Well, for this post, I’m not going to tell a story behind those building nor the mist of the mighty mount, but for this post, I want to predict the future of the city which will full with glory. Have you guys, especially Sarawakians and Kuchingites ever heard about Kuching Isthmus. If this is your first time, then, this is the right time and place you learn about the brand new Kuching.
Isthmus is a piece of land that is surrounded with water and connecting two main lands. It sorts like an island but in the middle of a river. Kuching Isthmus is one of Sarawak’s mega projects, along with the coastal highway from Bintulu to Kuching, Bakun Dam, Tanjung Manis Port, SCORE and many more. To meet the demand of growing population of Kuchingites and as to support the Second Wave of Development of Sarawak, the Kuching Isthmus was designed to function as a new city centre in the heart of Kuching. Consisting of high rise condominiums, luxury hotels, first class business centre, sophisticated malls, exquisite marina, the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching – BCCK, and the tallest tower-to-be in Borneo, the Kuching Tower, the Isthmus would wowed people all around the world and would open the new era for Sarawak herself.

The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching and Kuching Tower
Let me explain further those architectures that able to catch my ignorant intention. One of those was the BCCK or Borneo Convention Centre Kuching. To be proud of, this BCCK is now finished and ready for it grand opening. The BCCK was designed like a leaf that symbolized the multi-functions of leaf itself in the daily chores of Sarawakians. It was uniquely design to act as a full operation convention centre which put it together infamous convention centre all around the world such as the Putrajaya International Convention Centre – PICC, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre – KLCC, the Queen's Convention Centre as well as the Millennium Convention Centre in London. BCCK cost almost RM 200 millions and can able accommodate up to 5000 people. This new convention and exhibition centre will boost business tourism in Sarawak.

Kuching Tower
Besides that, Kuching Tower which would change the landscape of the city has also caught my eye. This tower which would erect 150 meters above the ground level will overcome the tallest skyscraper in Borneo today which is Tun Mustapha Tower in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This tower will became the house for first class offices and a 5-star hotel in which the hotel will offer a 4-star and 5-star rooms and suite as well as a Royal Suite. Besides, it will offer a Sky Lounge that offer breath-taking 360-degree view of the city. Located near to the BCCK, the site clearance for this magnificent tower has been well done and the construction is on the way. The sail-like glass structure would signifies the importance of the mighty River Sarawak as the vein of the state. This tower will soon open the eyes the world to the mystical and legendary state of Sarawak.

The Marina

Sarawak Energy Berhad Office as part of the mega project.

I’m a Sarawakian and I’m proud!


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